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Tooth replacement through dental implantology

A natural tooth replacement as close to the real thing as possible! Who does not have the desire to have permanently fixed teeth, ideally for a lifetime? Even with optimal dental care, tooth loss cannot be avoided completely. However, modern implantology can provide a functional and aesthetic tooth replacement. The successes of dental implantology, as well as the development of technology such as 3D techniques, have made the placing of dental implants one of our safest procedures today.
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What are dental implants and what are they made of?

A dental implant is basically the fixture for an artificial tooth in the jaw. In addition to the so-called implant body, which is fixed directly into the jawbone like a screw, dental implants contain a small connecting piece (abutment) that supports the actual dental prosthesis. The denture itself can be either permanently fixed or removable and is almost indistinguishable from a natural tooth. To ensure an optimal fit, implants are custom-fitted to your mouth and jaw. Dental implants are usually made of titanium, a highly pure, hypoallergenic and particularly robust metal. For patients who are sensitive to metals, dental implants made of ceramic can be an alternative.

When are dental implants needed?

There are many reasons for tooth loss: diseases such as decay, falls and other accidents. The resulting gaps where teeth are missing are unpleasant for many affected patients and lead to insecurity. Laughing, but also speaking and even chewing can become difficult and lead to restrictions in everyday life. Dental implants can remedy all this and restore the patient’s quality of life. The teeth missing are replaced in their entirety.

Dental implant treatments are used for empty spaces caused by single or multiple lost teeth. They can also be used for completely toothless jaws. By filling the space, which was caused by a single missing tooth, neighbouring teeth are prevented from tipping into the gap. Consequently, the entire row of teeth is stabilised and the position of all teeth is preserved. This also helps to prevent further tooth loss. In the case of larger gaps, dental implants also function as anchor teeth and thus ensure that a bridge is reliably attached. Toothless jaws can also be treated with dental implants. This is an alternative to a denture with a palatal plate. In this case, fixed or removable prostheses are attached to the fitted implants. This solution is not only very convenient, but also extremely aesthetic.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

The great advantage of implants is that they do not differ from natural teeth – neither in form nor in function. No other tooth replacement can come as close to the original. Dental implants provide a reliable hold for the dental crown without damaging neighbouring healthy teeth, as is the case with bridges, for example. Classic dentures cover the palate either partially or completely and can therefore be very disruptive when speaking and also when eating. Implants also stabilise the bone and thus prevent progressive bone deterioration, which is often induced by tooth loss. Furthermore, implants are pain-free, safe, very well tolerated and can provide you with many years of support if they are properly cared for. In this way, we give patients with gaps between their teeth a beautiful smile on their face again.

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Who can benefit from dental implants?

The prerequisite for successful dental implantology is a generally good oral health and sufficient volume of the jawbone. Cavities, infected dental roots, inflammations in the gums, but also tartar and plaque must be treated prior to the surgical procedure. If the jawbone is not stable enough to hold an implant, bone augmentation may be necessary. In principle, dental implants are only suitable for patients whose bone growth has already been complete.

When is bone augmentation necessary prior to implantation?

After tooth loss, the body starts to break down bone tissue. Therefore, it may be necessary to build up the jawbone before implantation in order to give the artificial tooth root a sturdy foundation. A jawbone that is too narrow or too flat may also require some bone augmentation. The new bone structure can be built up using the patient’s own bone mass, bone substitute material or by lifting the maxillary sinus floor in the upper jaw.

At Praxis Mitte, what services do we offer in implantology?

– At Praxis Mitte in Berlin you will receive competent advice and treatment based on many years of experience.

– Our dentists, who have undergone further training and are specialised in implantology, only insert high-quality implants made of titanium and ceramics from renowned manufacturers. We perform these procedures using modern, minimally invasive methods. Of course, we will gladly advise you in detail and provide you with an individual cost plan!

– By inserting an artificial tooth root, we are in many cases able to produce a so-called immediate restoration by means of a 3D scan and subsequent digital construction in our laboratory! This means that you are provided with a temporary prosthesis and won’t have to leave our dental office without teeth!

Don’t give bone deterioration a chance – if treated promptly after tooth loss, a dental implant will prevent bone loss, due to comparable biomechanical properties. Furthermore, you will receive a dental prosthesis that is usually indistinguishable from a natural tooth for you and those around you.

When it comes to the decision about your prosthesis, you have the choice between permanent, palate-free or removable dentures. No matter which you choose: It increases your quality of life enormously!

Our specialists place the implants in the upper or lower jaw under local anaesthetic on an outpatient basis in our dental office. If you prefer a general anaesthetic, this is also possible. Please do not hesitate to consult us about this.

Do you have any further questions about implantology in Berlin?

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