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Innovative and leading dentistry

We offer treatments in nearly all areas of dentistry to both private and state insured (gesetzlich versichert) patients.

Our dentists are qualified, have up-to-date training and experience in implantology, periodontology and cosmetic dentistry. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

Cosmetic dentistry

Naturally, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile! A beautiful smile and perfect teeth impact your everyday life, they affect your appearance and how others see you. During your visit we will advise you on the numerous options and modern methods of cosmetic dentistry we offer. How you can get perfect and healthy, white teeth while also achieving harmony between tooth and gum health. Thanks to our modern equipment and 3D workflows you will able to see the planned results on screen or even in your mouth before the treatment has even started We’re looking forward to helping you get your perfect smile.


Replace teeth with natural looking implants. In our practice you will get competent advice and treatment based on our extensive experience. Our specialised doctors only use the very highest standards of titanium and ceramic implants made by well-known manufactures. We use modern and minimally invasive procedures. Thanks to our 3D-scan and digital construction technology, you will never leave our practice without a tooth.

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Micro surgery

Our minimally invasive, micro surgical operation techniques reduce tissue trauma and minimalise healing times. In turn this means we can carry out larger operations with minimum pain and without complications. After an operation or treatment you will experience nearly no symptoms or pain thanks to our microsurgical treatment methods and modern equipment. Just ask us if you have any questions.

Soft tissue surgery

Missing soft-tissue doesn’t only cause cosmetic issues but can also affect the long term preservation of your teeth and implants. We can cosmetically and functionally eliminate receding gums by transplanting own soft-tissue from the adjacent soft-tissue. We can protect implant and root surfaces, stabilise gums therefore preventing further hard and soft-tissue recession. Nowadays we know that stable soft-tissue is the most important thing to ensure preservation of teeth and implants. We are looking forward to answering your questions.

Periodontal (gum) treatment

Periodontitis is a disease which affects the gum, jaw bone and periodontal apparatus, the soft and hard tissues which anchor your teeth. It is the most common cause of tooth loss. Periodontitis is most commonly caused by a build- up of active bacteria and bio chemicals (plaque) on tooth and root surfaces. The bacteria spread and multiply due to poor oral hygiene. Bleeding gums, loose teeth, receding gums and bad breath are all signs of periodontitis. After a certain degree of recession of the periodontal apparatus, teeth aren’t worth preserving and this is the main reason people lose teeth nowadays.

Oral surgery

When it comes to complicated hard and soft-tissue defects, bone can be reconstructed with the use of own or foreign materials. More than often it is advisable to precede soft-tissue augmentation by stabilising bone augmentation. We can calculate the size of the defect and plan the reconstruction digitally with our 3D planning tools. Subsequently the implants can be inserted.

Therapy for snoring

Are you having trouble sleeping because of snoring? It can be a sign of so called obstructive sleep apnoea. During sleep you might start and stop breathing and/or have reduced or shallow breathing. High blood pressure, heart and vascular diseases, decline in brain function, fatigue, impotence, depression and a higher susceptibility to illnesses can all be consequences of sleep apnoea. We make custom made mouthpieces which are made from impressions taken from your teeth. The mouthpiece is worn at night and works by holding the bottom jaw in a slightly forward position, preventing you from snoring. Just ask us, we’re happy to give you advice.

Children’s dentistry

As children’s dentists (pediatric dentist), we know that milk teeth are very sensitive and less resistant to caries than permanent teeth. So they have to be looked after with special care. We recommend you visit the dentist the first time from the 6th to 18th month of your child’s life. We will look for any damage to teeth and if we discover any issues we can offer advice on an optimal tooth care and ideal caries prevention at home.


Endodontics is essentially concerned with the inside of your tooth. The soft-tissue in a tooth consists of blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerve fibres which are called pulp. Pulp is vital for supplying a living tooth and reaches from the root to the tooth crown. If the pulp becomes inflamed or even dies, you will need root canal treatment. Caries, leaking filings or traumatic tooth injuries can all cause inflammation. If bacteria get inside a tooth the canal system gets infected. The goal of a root canal treatment is to remove the bacteria and necrotic tissue from all the canals, the root canal is disinfected and finally sealed so no bacteria can re enter.

Dental hygiene

Nowadays professional tooth cleaning is the safest way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking good. It protects your teeth from caries forming as well as from periodontosis.

Vegan prophylaxis

Does vegan prophylaxis exist?

Yes! At die Praxis Mitte…

Patients rarely informed about the ingredients found in their toothpaste and polishing compounds or about other possible alternatives. Both contain often Propolis/beeswax, abrasive particles made from bone-meal, Lactoferrin made from cow milk and Glycerine from animal fat. With our vegan prophylaxis, we use only natural ingredients that contain no animal substances and are also cruelty free.