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Endodontics and root canal treatment

Like periodontics, endodontics (or endodontology) is concerned with tooth preservation.The most common dental treatment in endodontics is root canal treatment, where the irreversibly inflamed and pain-causing nerve of a tooth is removed and the canals of the tooth are disinfected and cleared of bacteria. This allows the tooth to become completely pain-free again and, ideally, to remain intact. We at Praxis Mitte use state-of-the-art diagnostics to find the cause of your toothache and treat diseases inside the tooth, the tooth nerve (also called pulp) and the tissue surrounding the tooth root. Let us consult you and make an appointment in our dentist’s office for endodontics in Berlin Mitte!

What does endodontology mean?

The term “endodontology” or “endodontics” is derived from the Greek and refers to the study and treatment of the inside of the tooth, also called dental pulp. Our dentists who are specialised in endodontology deal with the prevention and treatment of all diseases of the so-called “pulp-dentin complex”, i.e. the inside of the tooth. This includes the treatment of nerve inflammations as well as the preservation of natural teeth by means of root canal treatments. Surgical interventions such as apicoectomy (root-end filling) and the treatment of traumatised teeth are also part of this field of work. All the treatments mentioned here are carried out in the Praxis Mitte by our specialists for endodontology in Berlin Mitte. Make an appointment today and take advantage of our expertise.

When and why is root canal treatment necessary?

The soft tissue inside a tooth consists of blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerve fibres. It provides the nourishment of a living tooth and extends from the tip of the root to the crown of the tooth. If this nerves become inflamed or even die, a root canal treatment will be necessary. This may be indicated by severe pain, or it might only be detected by an X-ray in our practice. Root canal treatment is often the last option to preserve and save an inflamed – i.e. diseased tooth. Nowadays, thanks to modern methods and special treatment techniques, even dead teeth that previously had to be extracted can still be saved. We will do our absolute best to accomplish this task without any pain!

What causes inflammation of the dental nerve?

Reasons for inflammation of the nerve are often cavities as well as leaking fillings or crowns. However, it can also be caused by dental injuries due to accidents. As a result, bacteria can penetrate the inside of the tooth and infect the entire root canal system right up to the tip of the root. The immune capacity of this tissue is not very strong. As a result, the body often does not successfully fight off infections from the outside and heal the inflammation in the root canal itself. In the worst case, the pulp dies off. In the past, such teeth had to be removed by the dentist. Today, the specialists in our dental office can provide you with modern endodontic treatments in order to preserve your existing teeth for as long as possible! Make an appointment for a consultation today!

How does the endodontic dentist treat a tooth root canal?

Endodontics involves treating the damaged and bacterially infected root canal. The aim of a root canal treatment is to preserve the infected or dead tooth and to eliminate bacteria and dead tissue from the root canals. The root canals are then cleaned with a disinfectant solution and the tooth is sealed tightly again. The specialists for endodontology in Berlin at Praxis Mitte work with very delicate instruments. In many cases, they use a dental microscope or magnifying glasses, because the root canal system is not visible to the naked eye. If the inflammation cannot be cured by root canal treatment, a root tip resection may be necessary. In this surgical procedure, the tips of the tooth roots are removed in our dental practice together with the inflammation and the tooth is sealed tightly again from below.

Previous to the treatment, a digital X-ray is taken to determine how far the inflammation has progressed. We also can take a 3D image, which shows all the tissues involved and usually indicates the cause of the inflammation. Of course, a detailed, personal consultation is part of the endodontic treatment in our Berlin dentist office. Our practitioners at Praxis Mitte will explain the exact procedure of the intervention. They will also inform you in detail about the different possibilities of endodontology, such as mechanical root canal treatment or the treatment of the tooth under the microscope.

Is a root canal treatment painful?

Many patients are afraid of a root canal treatment because of the misconception that it is a painful procedure. However, to the contrary, a root canal treatment actually does not cause pain, but removes it – together with the diseased nerve tissue as the cause. If the infected tooth nerve is still intact, you will be given a local anaesthetic by the dentist. Our modern technical equipment (and also our entertainment 😉 ) make the endodontic treatment as pleasant as possible; we promise you a virtually pain-free experience. Trust us!

Do you have further questions about endodontic treatment in Berlin?

We will be happy to personally consult with you and answer any questions you might have about endodontic treatments in Berlin.

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