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Dr. Christina Erdmann, MSc. photo

Dr. Christina Erdmann, MSc.

Founder / Practice Owner

Juli 2019

Founding of “Die Praxis Mitte” in Berlin

Lectures on “Peri-implantitis therapy”, “Complication management in screw, abutment and implant fractures” as part of the referral events “Klinikgespräche” in the Klinik am Garbátyplatz
Speaker at the Implantology Forum, Sofitel Berlin


Senior physician for implantology/implant prosthetics at the Klinik am Garbátyplatz/DZP Pankow


graduating with a Doctor of Medicine degree


Master’s degree in “Oral Surgery and Implantology” at the Private University Krems an der Donau, AUT


Employed dentist in the practice of PD Dr. Dr. Steffen G. Köhler,
Oral and maxillofacial surgery, specialising in implantology and implant prosthetics


Assistant dentist in independent dental office


Community service for the promotion of dental aid in Jamaica


Licence to practise dentistry


Study of dentistry at the FU- Berlin/Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin


Master of Science in Implantology/Oral Surgery at the Danube Private University Krems