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Your teeth are not perfect and therefore you are not happy with your smile? Then we have the remedy for you! Many of our patients come to our practice because they like to have more beautiful teeth. Praxis Mitte is your trusted dental practice when it comes to laminate veneers in Berlin. We will give you a prettier and more beautiful smile. Make an appointment for a consultation today.

Crooked teeth, discolouration of the dental substance, broken or chipped teeth due to accidents, gaps between teeth or or stained fillings have an enormous influence on the cosmetics of our smile. Therefore, they are a major factor in our first impression.  In order to correct some of these cosmetic flaws, tooth misalignments can be straightened, or teeth can be whitened through regular dental bleaching. However, teeth whitening only works on teeth that do not have crowns or fillings. However, veneers offer the possibility of achieving a quick and lasting cosmetic improvement in shape and colour.

What are veneers?

Veneers, also called laminate veneers, are extremely thin (approx. 0.5mm), translucent ceramic shells that are attached especially the front teeth. Any cosmetic flaws of the natural teeth are concealed, and you get your bright smile back in no time at all.

What material are dental veneers made of?

Praxis Mitte in Berlin offers veneers made of ceramics. This material looks very similar to real tooth enamel and therefore makes a particularly natural impression. The further properties are also comparable to those of teeth. Especially the extreme hardness, scratch, and fracture resistance as well as resilience to acids and solvents such as alcohol make ceramics the preferred material for high-quality dental veneers. Another advantage of ceramic veneers is that they can be perfectly matched in shape and shade to the appearance of your existing teeth. This makes the result look particularly natural, and the procedure is almost invisible to outsiders.

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How is veneer treatment performed?

The application of veneers at the dentist is a minimally invasive treatment. Usually, one consultation appointment and two sessions are scheduled. These two sessions are approximately one week apart. During this time, your teeth are temporarily fitted with polymer veneers.

First step: the personal consultation

Before the actual treatment of your teeth, a non-binding initial consultation is held with one of our specialised dentists. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and advise you individually on the advantages and disadvantages of veneers. Following an examination of your teeth, our experts in aesthetic dentistry will discuss the further course of treatment with you and will be able to give you details of the estimated costs for veneers. It is possible to digitally simulate the treatment results in advance. In addition, this digital design can be transferred to a model made of resins. This way you can see the result in your mouth beforehand.

Second step: Preparation and fabrication of your veneers

Veneers treatment - before and after picture
Result of a veneer treatment: before (top) and after (bottom)

At the first treatment appointment, create a digital scan of your teeth. We will then work with you to determine the right colour shade for your veneers. Based on the scan, our in-house dental technician will produce the wafer-thin ceramic veneers exactly according to your requirements. Our dental laboratory needs about one week to produce your individual veneers. In addition, photographs are taken for the before and after pictures, which are used to document the individual success of the therapy.

Also in this step, your front teeth are prepared for the attachment of the dental veneers. For this, the enamel of the relevant teeth must be slightly abraded, and the tooth surface must be roughened. Compared to the insertion of a crown, only hard tooth substance is ground off and the healthy tooth substance remains untouched as much as possible. This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. To make the necessary injections as painless as possible, we use a surface anaesthetic beforehand.

Third step: the fitting of your dental veneers

At the last appointment we finally attach your veneers.  When choosing our high-quality veneers in Berlin, you benefit from the fact that hardly any tooth substance must be removed for the preparation. This means that your teeth remain vital and healthy behind the new veneers.

Our dentist uses a special adhesive technology to attach the wafer-thin ceramic veneers to the professionally cleaned and dry tooth surface so that they last for a long time. Right after this treatment, you can show off your gorgeous looking teeth and you can also eat and drink normally.

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How long do veneers usually last?

Treatment with porcelain veneers offers long-lasting results. Since the veneers are made of high-strength ceramics, they can withstand even the strongest stresses from biting and chewing. Properly applied, they often have a lifespan of approximately 10 to 20 years.

Of course, this is dependent on many factors. Besides the choice of the material used, correct oral hygiene as well as the patient’s lifestyle and eating habits all play a role. Possible tooth decay of the veneered teeth can also be a reason why the ceramic veneers might have to be removed at an earlier stage. Of course, we will advise you on what you can do to enjoy your veneers for as long as possible. Make an appointment directly!

How much do dental veneers cost?

Veneers are made of durable and hard-wearing ceramic materials and are individually fitted for each patient’s tooth. General statements about all-inclusive prices for veneers cannot be made reliably. During the preliminary examination and consultation, we will inform you about the exact treatment options and draw up your individual healing and cost plan. In individual cases, your health insurance may partially cover the cost of veneers in the case of teeth with large fillings.

Do health insurance plans cover the costs of veneers?

In order to answer the question, it is necessary to differentiate whether the veneers are made for medically necessary or purely cosmetic reasons. Since ceramic veneers are usually considered an aesthetic correction and not a dental prosthesis, the treatment costs are rarely reimbursed by the public health insurance.

However, in some cases, your health insurance may cover part of the treatment costs. For instance, accidents or large filling defects may be covered. Functional disorders, such as severely gritted teeth, occasionally also constitute an indication for veneering. Private insurances also do not always pay for veneers. Purely cosmetic corrections are rarely covered in full. However, we will be happy to clarify this topic in individual cases during a consultation.

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